​​​Swedish Club of Denver
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Upcoming Events
  1. Annual Meeting
    March 18, 2017 - We will hold a short annual business meeting in which all the members present will approve the financial and membership reports and elect new members to the Board. Following the meeting, we will be playing “People Bingo!”
  2. Easter Dinner
    April 8, 2017 - Details to follow!
  3. Vikings: Beyond the Legend
    March 10 – August 13, 2017 Denver Museum of Nature & Science, dmns.org See Events Tab for more info! A pair of FREE tickets to be given away at the Annual Meeting!!!
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Valkommen to the Swedish Club of Denver! We invite members who have Swedish heritage, married into a Swedish family, or are just interested in Swedish culture, consider joining us for an event or even becoming a member! 

From Smorgasbord to Lutfisk, from the Lucia festival to Midsommar, we enjoy the company of the club's 250 members and all the festivities. 

We are a community organization in Denver promoting our common cultural and ancestral Swedish heritage. We have events throughout the year to gather together and celebrate all things Swedish.

Our purpose is to preserve, stimulate and encourage an interest in and appreciation of heritage, custom and tradition, including: language, music, art, industry, geography and all cultural and social matters and current affairs which involve the country of Sweden.
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