​​​​Swedish Club of Denver
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Our Purpose
The Swedish Club of Denver exists to preserve, stimulate, and encourage an interest in and appreciation of heritage, custom, and tradition, including things such a language, music, art, industry, geography, cultural and social matters and current affairs which involve Sweden.
We have several events each year. Beginning in September with Smörgåsbord, this dinner event provides an array of traditional Swedish foods. The club celebrates Thanksgiving dinner in November and a Lucia queen is crowned at the Lucia Festival in December. Other events include the Lutfisk Dinner and Julgransplundring, an Annual Meeting/Game Night, Easter Celebration, and participation at the Midsommar Festival in Estes Park.
Our Newsletter, the Tre Kronor, is published quarterly. It is a great way to keep updated on club events, current affairs from Sweden and Swedish-America, as well as what’s new with members. The club is made up of over 200 members and is governed by a board of directors made up of nine Swedish Club members. Most of our events are held at Augustana Lutheran Church located at 5000 East Alameda in Denver.
If you have Swedish heritage, married into a Swedish family, or are just interested in Swedish culture, consider becoming a member of the Swedish Club of Denver! To become a member, fill out the Swedish Club of Denver membership form found at our website and include a check for the appropriate amount. This can be mailed to our Membership Chair at the address listed on the application.

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